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[in rufus turner's old safe house in montana]

Dana heads up the rickety stairs, and finds three doors there that seem to lead to bedrooms; only one is closed, so she knocks on it. "Arael? It's Dana."

Eloquent, wow.
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It's considerate of Dana to disclose that right away, at least. "Oh? Should I watch this movie?"
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Arael smiles. "Well, I do like the ones with animals, naturally," she says brightly. "And action. I don't like unhappy endings."
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"Unhappy stuff can be necessary, can't it?" The happy endings wouldn't be so powerful if the entire story were of the same tone.
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"I meant stories. But I suppose it's necessary in real life, too, sometimes." They're stepping into the Safeway parking lot. "You should take the lead, here."
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Arael follows Dana, letting out a sigh of relief at the pleasant blast of warmth when they step inside. "That feels much better," she says, pushing her hood back.