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[in rufus turner's old safe house in montana]

Dana heads up the rickety stairs, and finds three doors there that seem to lead to bedrooms; only one is closed, so she knocks on it. "Arael? It's Dana."

Eloquent, wow.
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"I can't imagine Castiel isn't aware of that. If he finds that compass... it isn't just that, as I said. There are other weapons, quite a few, that could be very helpful in keeping Metatron from whatever it is he hopes to do with Heaven." Now she glances upward, just because it's helpful to have a direction toward which to apply one's frustration and longing. She misses home.
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"They ought to be, if they haven't been separated since Balthazar took them from the vault. The staff of Moses, the Holy Lance, the Ark of the Convenant and its contents, and so on."
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It's considerate of Dana to disclose that right away, at least. "Oh? Should I watch this movie?"
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Arael smiles. "Well, I do like the ones with animals, naturally," she says brightly. "And action. I don't like unhappy endings."
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"Unhappy stuff can be necessary, can't it?" The happy endings wouldn't be so powerful if the entire story were of the same tone.
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"I meant stories. But I suppose it's necessary in real life, too, sometimes." They're stepping into the Safeway parking lot. "You should take the lead, here."
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Arael follows Dana, letting out a sigh of relief at the pleasant blast of warmth when they step inside. "That feels much better," she says, pushing her hood back.