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[in rufus turner's old safe house in montana]

Dana heads up the rickety stairs, and finds three doors there that seem to lead to bedrooms; only one is closed, so she knocks on it. "Arael? It's Dana."

Eloquent, wow.
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Oh-- good. Arael had hoped, a bit, that Castiel would bring Dana along as well. This is a welcome distraction from the goings-on downstairs.

She opens the door and smiles at Dana. "I did recognize your voice, you know."
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"Unlikely," Arael comments. She opens the door a little wider, inviting Dana in. "This isn't where I typically sleep, but I was... uncomfortable with the smell downstairs."
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Shutting the door behind Dana, Arael takes a moment to try and interpret her tone. "You're welcome," she ventures, as that's the typical response, "but I'm not sure what I've done to elicit thanks."
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Dana seems genuinely agitated, and Arael frowns, perching at the edge of one of the chairs near the bookshelf. "I wouldn't consider that barging in. I did tell you that I'd be happy to see you." The whole experience had been a good one.
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Aiming to be comforting, Arael reaches to set her hand lightly on Dana's denim-clad knee. Otherwise, she isn't sure how to approach this. "We are... 'free-lovey,' I suppose," she says, "or we were. And, unlike Sabiel and Romiel, I've never formed an exclusive attachment to one other being. But, evidently, things have changed considerably." She hesitates, then points out, "You and I haven't had sex at all, though."
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Arael is considering her answer when the door opens, revealing Castiel again, announcing his departure. She waits, but it's a minor relief that Dana chooses to stay.

"Thank you," she starts once Castiel leaves. "I..." Another hesitation. "Is there an intermediate step between this conversation and agreeing to see only each other? From my perspective, in particular, our acquaintance has been-- brief."
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Arael gives Dana's knee a light, experimental pat before she leans back away into her own chair. "Yes. I'd like to hang out with you, too, and your intentions don't bother me." That's not positive enough, is it? "They're good, that is. But forgive me if I don't know the standard rituals for... any of this."
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"Hiram of Tyre's compass, originally wrought at the request of King Solomon," Arael answers automatically, then realizes that that isn't terribly helpful information. "It's... one of a particular stash of heavenly weapons that were in the protection of one of our own, Virgil, for a very long time. Balthazar stole them. I believe Castiel plans to use this particular weapon to make the task of locating angels easier and faster." And, after a half-second, "I would like to go hunting with you, by the way."
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"Agreed." Arael cocks her head, trying to listen downstairs to find out if they're finished with all that barbarism. "You should likely call for Castiel when you want to leave. He may be some time otherwise. It's hard to say."
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"That would be much appreciated," Arael says, quite sincerely. "There is a store-- it's called Safeway. It takes around fifteen minutes to walk there. Would that be acceptable?"
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Arael is trying not to breathe in too deeply. "To purchase a wider variety of food," she informs Gazardiel as she retrieves the bulkier jacket that's proven necessary for venturing outside for long.

They don't look terribly impressed, but Arael has faith in Dana's knowledge.
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It is cold outside, but Arael tries to maintain some perspective on it. "I'd be happy to learn," she says as they start walking, "but this cold isn't so bad by certain standards. I have heard terrible things about the lowest level of Hell."
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"Not primarily, no." Arael pulls her hood up, which helps considerably. "Aside from human souls, it's mostly demons-- and those, of course, started out as human souls themselves."