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[in rufus turner's old safe house in montana]

Dana heads up the rickety stairs, and finds three doors there that seem to lead to bedrooms; only one is closed, so she knocks on it. "Arael? It's Dana."

Eloquent, wow.
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Oh-- good. Arael had hoped, a bit, that Castiel would bring Dana along as well. This is a welcome distraction from the goings-on downstairs.

She opens the door and smiles at Dana. "I did recognize your voice, you know."
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Arael looks around the store. It's harshly-lit and colorful. "Is learning to drive difficult?"
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"Yes. I'm certainly not going to go back out there. Gazardiel may agree to it if we offer them food in return and you give them explicit instruction. I'll look for them."

They're most likely upstairs, so she ventures up while Dana works on putting away the rest of the food.
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"The right way," Arael echoes. She's watching how the onions have gone soft and clear and considering how much more appetizing they seem now. "What's the difference, and what makes that fourth way the right one?"
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Oh. All right. Dana seems to know what she's doing, so Arael lets her take the lead, shifting forward so they're close together again and she can feel the warmth coming off Dana's body.
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Arael brightens. "Yes, as long as there's enough for everyone. You don't mind?"
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She's midway through a sex scene when she has to stop and laugh, surprising herself. "Now I see why people read these," Arael says, back to the American accent for a moment. "Sexual gratification. It isn't well-written, though. 'Manhood'?"
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"I'd like to be more surprised by how many of these there are." Arael follows Dana, pulling out a few books. One makes her stop and laugh in disbelief. "Be Still My Vampire Heart?"
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"We sprang fully-formed from the will of God," Arael says, "but essentially. And yes." She offers the first noodle to Dana, and chews her own thoughtfully. "This is better." That seems to call for turning the burner off.